You Like Dags?

“It’s an unfair world from a dog’s perspective, I tell ya’. Every day, I’ve got some human telling me what I can and cannot do: ‘No, get off the coach. No, don’t take food off the table! NO! BAD DOG! STOP HUMPING MY NECK PILLOW!’ Grrrrrr! I’ve had it up to my floppy ears with all this speciesism! If only us dogs could take over someplace the humans’ love the most, like their beloved swimming pools! I’d get to swim around with all my other hairy buddies and play fetch my way – like without the annoying dude nagging at me to ‘bring the ball here.’ Yeah, I’ll show you how to drop it, buddy…grrrrrr. Now if only I could actually tan.”

Give your dog a chance to play like people do Saturday and Sunday at the Waterfest for Dogs at C.B. Smith Park (900 N. Flamingo Rd., Pembroke Pines). The gates open up at 9 a.m., and dogs can swim (but people can’t) in 50-minute sessions for just $3 per session. Proceeds benefit the Friends of Animal Care, who are also accepting donations of dog beds, towels, collars, leashes, canned goods, and treats. Call 954-437-2650.
Sat., Nov. 17, 9 a.m.; Sun., Nov. 18, 9 a.m., 2007

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John Linn