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You’ll See ´is Noodle, Too!

He was really a bit of a wanker, wasn’t he? Things just sorta fell into place for that arse, didn’t they? I mean, it isn’t like he wasn’t nice enough – although at times a spot of bother to hang out with in the pub, what with ´im being all “the meek shall this and that” and all – right? How can you not take a bit of a piss on someone like that? From privileged stock and what not, he was. His mum being all – “ahh, his pop never touched me goods, he’s all magic and stuff.” I mean, that’s really a bit mental – isn’t it? And when he was born, them modern-dressed magicians showed up in town, all “Where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?” so we had a laugh with ´em and sent ´em over to Brian’s mum in the manger. We knew she’d get a kick out of ´em, especially since she’s all progressive with the men and all that.

But them astrologists snubbed ´er. Yeah. They took their fancy gifts over to Jesus’ manger next door and Mary, Jesus’ mum, was all “yeah, he’s holy and all that.” It was total shit. And that’s pretty much how Brian ’s life went from there out – you wouldn’t believe what ballocks it was. Or maybe you would: They made that sorta blooper reel of Brian’s unfortunate life and we all take a piss on it when we need some cheering up. Them blokes at the Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave., Lake Worth) must need a laugh ´cause they’re showing The Life of Brian on Thursday at 9 p.m. I mean, ´is life isn’t total crap, he does get laid once, and you see total bush on account of it. But the rest of it is a real pisser. It’ll drain you 8 quid. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
Thu., March 6, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin