You’re All Grown Up Now, Turkey

You come from a family whose cooking vocabulary consists of only two words: boil and defrost. Thanksgiving at your house is a day of partially-frozen HoneyBaked ham, Stove Top Stuffing that never touched a stove top, and limp, boil-in-the-bag noodles with Alfredo sauce. That’s okay, it’s a humorous part of your childhood that can now be just tale-telling legend. It turns out that cooking a great Thanksgiving meal isn’t all that tricky, all you need is a great turkey tutor.

Chef Jean-Pierre sets aside dates during each holiday season for exactly that purpose. At his self-named cooking school you can take the course “How to Prepare a Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner,” a class that’s grown so popular it has to be offered multiple times with different recipes so that everyone who wants to wow the pants off of his or her guests can. His style is exuberant, his accent is thick, his meal plans are tackleable, and at the end – you get to eat it. @body:Tuesday night’s menu reads like foodie poetry: Sweet potato and pancetta soup/ Juniper berry molasses and thyme brined roasted turkey/ Savory cornbread with Brie/ sundried tomatoes and sausage stuffing/ Balsamic, honey, and bourbon gravy/ Sweet potato and raisin soufflé pie/ Cranberry and dried cherry red onion jam/ Roasted rosemary mushrooms/ Eggnog cheesecake with rum raisin sauce. Are you swept off your feet? Grab a bottle of wine and a pal and head over to class at 7 p.m. (Of course, you must make a reservation to attend, which you should do A.S.A.P. If one class is full, try getting into another.) Thanksgiving classes cost $58, and are worth every penny. Visit
Tue., Nov. 6, 7 p.m., 2007

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Jamie Laughlin