• @nicolasfurivero
    5 August, 2018

    Royal purple dye came from snail butts and this sentence is the most delightful thing I’ve read all day: “The highe… https://t.co/37YmWPUTxu

  • @nicolasfurivero
    30 December, 2017

    "Almost half of the 7,000 homeless people San Francisco claims to have helped lift out of homelessness in the perio… https://t.co/SsKQRN1xnw

  • @nicolasfurivero
    13 July, 2017

    The most revolting is Germany's Toast Hawaii, a Cold War concoction of toast, ham, processed cheese and pineapple https://t.co/6fmwrO1H60

  • @nicolasfurivero
    7 July, 2017

    Calling it: Westeros's sleaziest operator is going down in season seven of #GameOfThrones #GoTS7 https://t.co/SyJd1wgQc2

  • @nicolasfurivero
    30 May, 2017

    @rrchua My deadline is tomorrow night, so the sooner the better!


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