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Simon Abrams is a regular film contributor at Voice Media Group and its film partner, the Village Voice. VMG publications include LA Weekly, Denver Westword, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Houston Press and Dallas Observer.

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  • 10 months ago | Film Reviews

    Volf supports his interpretation of Callas’ personality with sound bites from her understandably guarded televised appearances, all of which devolve into terse discussions about her years-long romance with Onassis (before and after his marriage to...

  • The frustrating doc Maria by Callas reduces Greek-American opera diva Maria Callas to a misunderstood celebrity who devoted herself to a calling and a lover that never gave as much to her as she did to...

  • 12 months ago | Film Reviews

    Crafting his pseudo-realistic account of the crimes and trial of anti-Islamic murderer Anders Behring Breivik (Anders Danielsen Lie), writer-director Greengrass ... examines the attacks through the pinhole lens of post-disaster trauma

  • With the gruesome 22 July, Paul Greengrass, that expert in making art from recent historical violence, reduces the terrorist attacks that rocked Norway in 2011 to a crass movie parable: Here's the everyman who overcomes considerable pain...

  • The tonally berserk Western-comedy hybrid Damsel often suggests a Wes Anderson-directed acid Western, only without Anderson's knack for sad-sack jokes about macho pride or the acid Western's typically spiritual consideration of white guys'...

  • The peppy but cynical animated superhero comedy Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is eager to flatter you, as so many of its lazy meta-reflexive jokes suggest.

    Most of the gags in this pandering spoof are about their own schematic...

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