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  • With Becks, directors Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and Daniel Powell have crafted an understated musical that really works, thanks to Alyssa Robbins' heartfelt music and standout performances from the cast. Brooklyn singer-songwriter Becks (Lena...

  • Neuroscientist Julia has a hack for just about everything: She guzzles Soylent and she'll reject a potential mate because his brain scans show a lack of empathy. Director and co-writer Whitney Cummings stars as the not-looking-for-a-man scientist...

  • Chronically Metropolitan suffers from an incurable case of Whiny White Boy Syndrome -- and from a terrible title. Prodigal son Fenton (yes, Fenton) returns to Manhattan after a self-imposed exile thanks to backlash for his...

  • In Roberto Andò's The Confessions, an unorthodox birthday speech about the unforeseen moral consequences of economics ("For better or for worse, we are not god") kicks off an international whodunit. An octet of influential,...

  • Matt Sobel's earnest debut feature Take Me to the River pushes the limits of what being family -- no matter what -- really means. When 17-year-old Ryder (Logan Miller) and his parents travel from California to Nebraska for a family...


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