Lamp Post Lounge

Dive. Noun. [dahyv]. Origin: 1880-85; < Italian < Latin diva, feminine of divus. 1. A well-worn drinking establishment, popular among regulars and thirsty travelers alike. 2. Location along a busy thoroughfare, for example on North Federal Highway in Hollywood. 3. A dank and gloomy establishment, with the only natural light streaming in through picture windows up front. 4. The last place where you can find '70s rec room décor, circa 2014. 5. A place with attractive deals on cheap beer and liquor, specifically $2.75 draft beer (Bud Light) served by friendly bartenders. 6. Just to be clear, $2.75 draft beer. 7. Ideal viewing area for sports (especially on NFL Sundays) thanks to multiple flat-screen televisions. 8. Home base for any given arrangement of snowbirds, the semihomeless, strippers on break, broke college students, and alternative-press journalists. See: Lamp Post Lounge.

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