The gourmet frozen yogurt craze spread from Los Angeles to New York like a bad rash throughout the past few years, but it almost completely skipped South Florida — until recently. Within the past year, the self-serve frozen yogurt trend has grown to cupcake proportions — and it's not as though our climate doesn't warrant the late-blooming craze. Cream, on Linton Boulevard in Delray Beach, added self-serve to its offerings, and Orange Leaf opened on Atlantic Avenue. Yogurtland popped up in Coral Springs, and Yogurt Ur Way became a Las Olas fixture in a matter of weeks. Perhaps the trend sprang from the recession (you pay only for what you intend to finish), or maybe it's a product of body-conscious culture (you add only as much topping as you want). But whatever cultural phenomenon made the trend viral, it's a welcome epidemic.

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