Kevro's Art Bar

Although not the most traditional of choices for the wiff-waff enthusiast, one must weigh the totality of the Ping-Pong experience at Delray Beach's offbeat bohemian hangout Kevro's Art Bar before accepting its greatness. Granted, its tattered paddles have seen better days (we figure table tennis aficionados will have the foresight to bring their own paddles anyway), but rest assured that its table is playable and its net perfectly taut. Where else can you catch glimpses of art from many of the area's rising artists or guzzle down a few ales in between sets? If you're lucky enough, you might witness a performance from an up-and-coming band or have the chance to grill some food on Kevro's popular "Sunday Funday" night cookouts. Kevro's simply exudes an ambiance and character that you'll find nowhere else when seeking out a Ping-Pong match. Don't be surprised if Kevro's amicable proprietor, Kevin Rouse, challenges you to a match.

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