USF quarterback Steven Bench had to have known he was in trouble the minute the ball left his hands. His team was down to the Florida Atlantic University Owls 21-10 late in the fourth quarter, and he was desperate to get his team back on the board. But Bench decided to throw in the direction of FAU cornerback D'Joun Smith. Off shotgun formation, Bench took the snap, rolled out, and looked for his receiver downfield. Problem was, his receiver was blanketed by the speedy Smith, who had pretty much been feasting on interceptions from opposing quarterbacks all year long, leading the conference in INTs and passes defended. As is usually the case, Smith was his receiver's shadow, like a menacing, ghostly figure ready to devour the ball and break his opponent's back. And sure enough, as soon as Bench's pass got near the cornerback and receiver, Smith used his strength and instincts, plucked the ball out of the sky, jammed it into his side, and ran 75 yards back for the nail-in-the-coffin touchdown. Smith ran past the USF players with a fluid and effortless speed you usually see only in the NFL. Smith's accolades are only just beginning, and the American football viewing audience is starting to take notice. D'Joun Smith is going to be NFL-bound some day, where he'll be devouring passes from the likes of Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, no doubt.

There's a reason we make kids run three-legged races. It teaches them about teamwork. To win the race, one must work with the other person as a unit. The kids learn to communicate, burn a couple of calories in the process, and maybe even get a plastic trophy at the end of the day. Teamwork, my friends, can be a beautiful thing. But there's a reason adults don't partake in three-legged races: They suck. And over the years, our ligaments have morphed into microwaved rubber bands. But even adults (especially adults) need the occasional refresher course in synergy. And this is where Cycle Party comes in. Because Cycle Party is not only a master class in teamwork; it is also an excuse to get very, very drunk. In case you've never seen one rolling around Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, or West Palm Beach, a Cycle Party looks like the child of a bicycle and a pub. Seating up to 15 people (though only six are required to book a party), Cycle Party has room for all the friends you actually care about. Ten people work together to pedal the giant machine from bar to bar, and by the end of the trip, you're part of a team. Or you're making out with each other. Either way, you've grown closer.

King's Head Pub and Restaurant

The World Cup is right around the corner — why not get off the couch this year and take in the excitement in a pub that makes you feel like you've been following the sport the past four years (you haven't, but you can pretend!). The King's Head Pub in Sunrise is the best place to take in a soccer game. Tucked into the corner of a strip mall located on University Drive, King's Head has all the looks of a dive bar from the outside, but all the comfort and excitement of a place you have been going to your entire life on the inside. Between the great specials and unique friendly staff, half the excitement and fun is just being inside the place, before you even take a sip of their draft beers. The Pub also posts the TV schedule for the bar days in advance, so no need to call to see if the game will be on there; it will — just head on over.

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