The Office
Ian Witlen
We've poured on many superlatives already about the Office, so we may as well give it a nickname. How about "The Notorious P.I.G."? The newish gastropub in Delray Beach is like an ode to all things porky and excessive. From the confines of its Madison Avenue-inspired digs, the Office turns out so many dishes infused, whorled, and studded with bacon that it could have a whole page devoted to it on Bacon-imbued Brussels sprouts? Check. Maple-bacon donuts? Say no more. Yes, the Office seems designed to tickle your inner fat kid, be it through bacon or its fab $16 prime CEO burger with arugula and onion confit. The sweet bun itself is literally branded with the joint's logo — how crazy is that? Add a craft beer list that's like an aggregate of this year's best standout brews and a fun dining room that manages to put you right in the thick of the action and you've got a recipe for one indulgently fun restaurant.
Let's face it, street food isn't easy to find in South Florida. But that doesn't mean Swanky's, a barbecue cart that operates from West Palm Beach to Miami, wins just by default. Owners Steve Russo and Armand Ignelzi take ultimate care with their homespun 'cue, putting in as much attention to detail with their killer pulled pork as a tattoo artist does with his ink. The pair slow-cooks pork shoulder for 30 hours, combining a two-step process that sees the meat linger over smoldering wood before finishing in the oven to render down thoroughly. The result is as tender and smoky as a country crooner's heart. It's piled high on fresh Kaiser rolls and topped off with Swanky's peppery carrot, cabbage, and apple coleslaw, all crunchy and wet. And best of all, you can sauce it how you like: Swanky's makes four varieties, including a spicy tomato-base, sweet Southern mustard, and even creamy Alabama-style mayo. Finding the cart is easy too — just friend them on Facebook or Twitter (@swankysbbq) to find out where the good times will roll up to next.

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