Big Bear Brewing Co.
C. Stiles

There are a handful of places in Broward and Palm Beach counties that offer 100 or more different brews. And there's nothing wrong with that. We'd give them all commendations for bravery in the service of beer if we could. However, one small, independent brewery that's sat in suburbia unnoticed for ten years deserves the highest honors: Big Bear Brewing Co. The upscale brewpub does not have a large selection. It doesn't stock rare English imports, indie microbrews, or even Budweiser. What it does have is eight masterfully crafted beers made in-house, in the large silver kettles that decorate the restaurant. Brewmaster Matt Cox is the wizard behind the cauldrons: He imports Belgian malts for Big Bear's award-winning Kodiak Dubbel, sources fresh cascade hops for the Hibernation Pale Ale, and brews seasonal fruit ales, porters, and stouts with adoration and care that more than makes up for the drive to the far reaches of Broward — especially when the place has Bourbon Double Barrel IPA on tap, perhaps the best beer ever crafted in Florida.

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