Two Decades In, Sevendust Still Helping Metal Fans Rage

Sevendust brings its metal party to Revolution in Fort Lauderdale.
Photo courtesy of Sevendust
Sevendust brings its metal party to Revolution in Fort Lauderdale.
Sevendust has been helping citizens rage and mosh their way through life since their debut album released in 1997. They rose out of the grunge and intensity of the guitar-heavy thrashing of the '90s to find themselves more than two decades later still causing throngs of fans to get crazy and riot at their shows.

When you listen to Sevendust’s self-titled debut album, there is so much going on, it becomes reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine records. They have the heavy riffs of a metal band, with moments of typical '90s-style grunge like we hear at the opening of the single "Bitch," before the song goes into a frenzy. This frenzy is where Sevendust lives. Live, they have been whipping fans into a tizzy until they pop for decades and even now they spur disorder.

Over the years Sevendust band members have found themselves playing truly iconic events in heavy metal lore, none more impressive than their 1998 performances at Ozzfest, the yearly metal tour of the U.S. and sometimes Europe, founded and organized by Ozzie Osbourne and his wife. To be a band that is trying to make its mark in rock 'n’ roll and to be asked to tour with Ozzfest is a special opportunity and puts you in front of millions of metal fans. And to do this after releasing their first album is a statement of the talent of the group. Sevendust has gone on to tour the world with bands like Korn and Iron Maiden.

Sevendust’s most recent album, All I See Is War, continues the legacy of what fans of the band love about them. From lead singer Lajon Witherspoon’s unique vocal ability — going from soft lilting to reflective intensity with ease — to guitarist Clint Lowery’s ability to thrash and create new ideas for guitar metal with his interesting chord progression choices, the band is still in full punch-you-in-the-face effect. With the single "Dirty," the intensity starts off with the drums. They make you want to stomp and get down with every note, with metal screams from backing vocalist in the background.

Sevendust has released a slew of music videos over the past year to coincide with All I See Is War, and whether they are considered alternative metal or nu-metal or whatever other sub-genre someone comes up with to put them in, the band is releasing some seriously great rock 'n' roll. To really understand Sevendust’s talent and range, the best way to see them may be when they do an acoustic set. Unlike so many bands that land on the harder side, they don’t lose a thing when they strip down. Lajon's voice works with any direction they choose to take their music.

Sevendust has sold over three million albums in their 25-year span of music, with four of those records reaching certified gold status. These numbers and accolades put Sevendust in the top tier of metal acts to grace the world stage in the past 30 years. They help keep metal alive and kicking. Hundreds of bands are still touring nationally and reaching metal fans everywhere because of bands like Sevendust, which have helped keep the path clear for more and more bands to live fast and rock hard.

Sevendust will be bringing their brand of nuanced and genre-bending metal to Fort Lauderdale tonight at Revolution. A perfect home for a band to thrash — and for fans to mosh. Don’t miss out on the last metal party in South Florida before 2020 arrives.

6:30 p.m., tonight, December 30, Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale; Tickets are $28 via