Things to Know Before Attending Miami Dolphins Training Camp

With just a few days left until the Miami Dolphins open training camp on July 30, we thought it was as good a time as any to provide a refresher for those who plan to attend. Quite a bit has changed since the 'Phins moved from their longtime home in Davie to a practice headquarters in the shadow of Hard Rock Stadium, and many may have not attended during COVID-prone times.

Below, in entertaining Q&A format, you'll find tips and information to know before you go to watch practices at the Miami Dolphins 2022 training camp.
I've been in a haze for two years. Where do the Dolphins practice now, and when can I go watch?
Understandable! The new practice facility is located at 20000 NW 27th Ave. in Miami Gardens. It's near a Sonic Drive-In and Dunkin' Donuts. If that doesn't help you find it, look for the huge structure in the distance called Hard Rock Stadium.

The Dolphins have announced that eight practice dates will be open to the public: Saturday, July 30; Tuesday, August 2; Wednesday, August 3; Friday, August 5; Saturday, August 6; Sunday, August 7; Wednesday, August 24; and Thursday, August 25.

I want to go, but inflation is crazy. How much do tickets cost?
Free! USA! USA! USA! All you need to do is claim your practice tickets here.
In Davie, it was pretty easy to park at Nova Southeastern. Where is parking located here?
It won't be as sleepy as Nova was, nor will it bring back the 1990s vibes. But the good news is parking is fine at the new spot, and it's free.

There's a designated parking lot on the property. To access, enter Carl F. Barger Boulevard off 199th Street and staff will direct you to Gate 10 for parking.

Last season feels like seven years ago. Where can I find an updated roster heading into camp?
Doesn't it always? The NFL offseason is far too long. It's even longer when your team never makes the playoffs. Just ask Dolphins fans.

Here's a link to the Dolphins roster. There will be names you've never heard of. There will be names you'll never see again. Soak it in — it's training camp season!
I have PTSD from arriving at training camp practices, only for them to be canceled because of rain. What happens if it rains at the new spot?
The more things change, the more they stay the same. If it rains, you'll be looking at about 100 asses running indoors, and you'll be asked to leave. You'll likely end up eating Sonic in your car, soaked to the skin. It's tradition!

Follow @MiamiDolphins to learn if practices are canceled before you leave home.

Are there concession stands at this Dolphins facility?
Yup! It wouldn't be a true sporting event if there wasn't the odd urge to eat chicken fingers and drink fountain soda out of a 94-ounce cup.

What can I not bring into the practice facility?
It would be easier to list the things you can bring inside. Just assume you can't bring that thing. Yes, that. Is it a body part? No? Then no, you probably can't bring it in.

And don't even get any ideas about filming practice. You'll be banned and placed on a list. The Dolphins frown upon recording practices. Thanks, New England Patriots!