Scion's A/V Kitsuné Pioneer CD-Release Party

Paris-based indie electro music/fashion label Kitsuné was founded in 2002 and named after the Japanese word for shape-shifting foxes. It releases tracks that pile on robotic gargling, squelchy synths, new rave's saw-tooth bass, and four-on-the-floor, French disco-house buildups. The only filter the artists don't employ is the one in their brain that screams, "Enough!"

Car company Scion has partnered with the label to offer the compilation Pioneer and sponsor a North American tour featuring several of the sampler's artists, including L.A.-based DJ partners Guns 'N' Bombs, New York duo Heartsrevolution, and Belgian DJ/producer Beni. Serrated, eight-bit melodies and pixilated-sounding yelps will help percolate the crowd of scene makers and circuit breakers that will occupy the Vagabond this Sunday.

Adding tech-house sensory overload are L.A.-based remix engineers Classixx, who crunch glitches that redline in an Ed Banger style. And rounding out the bill is Miami's own Induce, who drops hip-house-hop-electro-pop — anything that's good, really.