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Indie Invasion From Miami

With the exception of the always-awesome power poppers the Pretty Faces from Boca, Saturday's show at Respectable Street is billed as an "indie invasion from Miami." Among the highlights is Astari Nite, helmed by the enigmatic Michael Ghost. The group has crafted a cohesive, melancholic sound, dark without sliding into goth pigeonholing, cold and post-punky without aping Joy Division. Ghost seems more than a little visually and sonically inspired by Brian Molko of the equally anomalous U.K. act Placebo, with his eyelinered paleness and literate, introspective lyrics.

Meanwhile, Rimsky is the side solo project, of, um, Rimsky, usually spotted playing with the endearing stoners of Humbert. By himself, he crafts charming, lo-fi, twangy tunes about love and stuff that should have Jeff Tweedy fans' hearts aflutter. Live, he's backed by a varying constellation of local rock scenesters who play under the moniker the Rockford Beats.

Finally, Life of Seals needs to lose its stupid stage gimmick — some kind of centurion-style masks at past shows. Because under the silly hats is a serious, spaced-out joyride into the more electronic reaches of shoegaze that, live, packs a far more serious wallop than the tracks on the band's MySpace page. Dull your senses a little first and enjoy.