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Holy shit — another Timb album?! Hasn't this dude already put out eight other full-length discs in a few years' time? Well, yes and yes. But Enjoy — the ninth release by this local DIY workhorse — isn't adding to the 400-some songs in Timb's catalog. It's a collection of tunes from his previous albums, rerecorded. Unlike the unbridled eclecticism of Timb's previous discs — which include anything from industrial and hip-hop to metal — Enjoy is all acoustic. Imagine a folky, less whiny version of They Might Be Giants with a Ween-like knack for the absurd and you've got the basic idea.

If there's one thing Enjoy makes clear, it's that Timb's ability to weave humor into serious-sounding tunes has grown considerably (proportionally, perhaps, with every 50th song). The lyrics are downright silly most of the time ("You've got your rock 'n' roll/I've got my glory hole" from "Love on Mars"), but they rarely get in the way of the songs' melodicism. It's a precarious undertaking, but he pulls it off in the delivery. With few exceptions (like the gritty "Social Anxiety"), Timb lays down his vocals as gently and unobtrusively as possible, even when they give way to subtle cock-rock stylings ("Robert Stack") or overly wordy banter ("Emo"). Ironic? Sure. But it's an Enjoy-able irony. Check out TimbRocks.com.