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The Ghost of Raves Past

Yup, the golden era of the mega-rave is pretty much over. Nowadays, the local scene is segmented, with each dance crew retreating to its respective corner, diligently (and somewhat silently) carrying on in small, controlled outbursts. Full On Productions, however, has taken a slightly different approach. The group, lead by local mainstay Mark Ivan, has seemingly sprung from thin air, guns blazing. Over the past few months, Full On has thrown the sort of high-caliber events that would have even the oldest-school clubgoers gyrating in glee. It's in that same spirit, combined with Halloween, that Ivan and company host Paranormal 2. The massive, ghoulishly themed party features some of the biggest names in breaks — including Simply Jeff and Kelly Reverb — backed by longtime South Florida collaborator Rick West and scratch-happy femme fatale Annalyze. Perhaps the scariest set of all may come from Starscream, who, before joining Slipknot as the group's electro-injecting DJ, made a name dropping some of the most serious drum 'n' bass tunes around. And that's just the start. When the party gets late, the beats turn up with ex-Space Resident and Dave "King of Afterhours" Padilla. And while Full On is doing some pretty nifty shit on the local scene, it's making sure not to do it alone — Ivan snatched more than 30 of the finest DJs from many of the separate local collectives to bring the party to a feverish head. Ghoulish theme, all-star lineup, and local collectivity — don't even try passing this one up.

Paranormal 2 takes place at 11 p.m. Friday, October 27, at Area 51, 950 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Admission costs $30. Call 954-687-7131, or visit