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The Deep End

Broward County may not be the bastion for electronic music that it once was, but, damn, where did all the weeklies go? Sure, you could catch an odd night of breaks here or there, but since the demise of club nights at venues Ebar and Karma, electronic lovers in this county haven't had much to celebrate. Even a drum 'n' bass set is often relegated to a side room — you know, the ones with the crappy sound systems and empty dance floors. But some of the people involved in Roxanne's Wednesday-night weekly are trying to change that by starting up Bumpin' on Sundays. This new dance night ventures deep into electro territory, flaunting inspired sets of DnB, jungle, break-core, and experimental. All these genres can clock some pretty high beats per minute, so the DJs are careful to ramp up the intensity slowly. Shows start out with downtempo beats and bouncy hip-hop grooves before trodding toward the more hardcore side of electronic music. This week, Bumpin' is calling on some of the finest scratch-wizards to helm the tables, including Doormouse, who repped Miami in last year's National Laptop Battle, as well as Animal Cacti, Anticlick, Martial Flaw, and Haviken Hayes.

Bumpin' takes place every Sunday at 8 p.m. at Roxanne's on Main, 3148 NE 12th Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Admission costs $5. Call 954-567-9552, or visit