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Sometimes, house music is just too underground for its own good. Entire dance albums are composed, mixed down, and released in the middle of the night, but try getting in touch with these fly-by-night producers. It isn't easy. 24 hour Miami House Music is a raucous album with a cheesy name and a heap of local talent that's almost untraceable. I'm not sure when this compilation arrived in the mail or why the contact information for DJ X2C, the Broward County-based house producer listed on the cover, is all wrong, but each track on this double disc mixer is a miniature party that should be enjoyed by house lovers far and wide. The two discs included are called Midnight and Sunrise, and both feed off Miami club life in unique ways. Driving electronic bass lines and strong synth work are layered throughout this project, and the songs are blended together well enough to create a vibe that's as visceral as it is surreal. Sunrise is the better of the two discs, capturing the essence of South Beach's early-morning dancing debauchery. Remixes of Deep Dish's "Flash Dance" and Depeche Mode's "Lose Myself" aren't overbearing, but, taken as a whole, most of the reworked material sounds like new compositions. Have fun finding this guy, but if you can, give X2C credit for being part of the reason that South Florida is the new house hub of America.