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She Still Survives

So attendance at Florida Marlins games is rather low. The bleachers look empty every time somebody hits a home run, and folks at the P.R. office are out to change that. Insert a raucous concert series after all of the Saturday-night home games and Dolphin Stadium will be alive with music, right? Well, if that´s the case, there´s nobody better to fill seats than disco queen Gloria Gaynor, who will be on hand this weekend belting out ¨I Will Survive¨ like it´s 1978. Of course, she´s got other hits like ¨Never Can Say Goodbye¨ and ¨I Am What I Am,¨ but let´s face it, ¨I Will Survive¨ is the only reason she´s still touring. And considering that that song is now 29 years old, obviously she knew what she was talking about at the time. So if you´re torn between watching the intra-state rivalry between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Florida Marlins in person or going out for a disco night, well, now you can do both in one venue. And as a bonus, this disco night is held outdoors.