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Black Light Burns

It´s unfortunately rare when musicians in wildly popular groups quit and form their own bands and manage to achieve similar success. I´d try to compile a list of those who have pulled it off, but who needs to think that hard? The point is, it´s usually the first step downhill, and fans don´t even want to hear an artist´s growth; they just want the same old chords. Let´s hope that´s not the case for ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, who recently started the heavy, light, heavy rock quartet Black Light Burns. Its music is a mixture of melodic indie-rock stylings and hefty screamo pop, which should make for an interesting combo on stage. Thankfully, it doesn´t just repackage a bunch of Limp Bizkit riffs and clearly has its own approach to making music. The band recently put out its first CD, Cruel Melody, with production from Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), and there is a decisively harder edge to most of the tunes. So don´t expect a DJ and hip-hop breaks fused into the songs. Judge it as it is, which is best done in person.