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The Steve Kimock Crazy Engine

Steve Kimock is a true student of music, specifically the guitar, constantly touring the world with a plethora of musicians and mixing their styles with his own. Relix magazine went so far as to call him the "Guitar Monk," which is either the coolest title ever written or the makings of a very bad videogame rip-off. It's a fitting moniker, one that any of his hardcore fans (known as Waveriders) will happily extrapolate upon. Kimock's latest project, the Steve Kimock Crazy Engine, is a genre-bending mix of rock 'n' roll, blues, gospel, and R&B. In other words, if you're a fan of jam bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, or local favorite the Heavy Pets, you'll feel right at home at Revolution. The show was originally scheduled at the now-defunct City Limits in Delray Beach, so you'll be jamming out with the Crazy Engine and opening act Crazy Fingers in downtown Fort Lauderdale instead.