Sevendust | New Times Broward-Palm Beach



Known for dark melodies laden with churning guitars, chunky riffs, and lead singer Lajon Witherspoon's haunting timbre, Sevendust carved its niche in the alt-rock/nü-metal landscape some years ago. The release of the band's third record, Animosity, in 2001 is largely regarded as the quintet's breakthrough into mainstream popularity. Still, by then, it'd already landed a spot on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack with "My Ruin," from the 1997 self-titled debut (which went gold). It'd jammed onstage with Pantera's late fretboard mangler, Dimebag Darrell. And it'd played more than its fair share of mud-caked mosh pits, including Ozzfest, Woodstock 1999, and Tattoo the Earth, not to mention much less grimy appearances on Conan and Letterman.

The band released its seventh studio album, Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow, this past April, featuring the lead single "Prodigal Son." This latest project was graced with the return of the group's prodigal guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery, who left behind his project Dark New Day to reclaim his place in Sevendust and restore its original lineup. Fans hungry for the band's bipolar artistry will be happy for its return to South Florida after a recent headlining gig at Revolution.