Devon Allman's Honey Tribe

When it comes to music, hearing the last name Allman automatically makes one think of Southern-rock royalty. The Allman Brothers Band of old were quintessential rock gods below the Mason-Dixon Line, and they were often seen as the original jam band to folks who didn't subscribe to the sounds coming out of Haight-Ashbury around the same time. While their legacy is unshakable in the minds of many, Gregg Allman's son Devon has a musical path of his own to explore, and he's been doing just that with his band, Honeytribe, for nearly ten years. Based in St. Louis, their sound is a cool mixture of Southern rock, funky Hammond B3 chords, and freeform blues rock that drifts wherever they want it to, depending upon the night. In that fashion, Honeytribe carries on the ABB propensity for tightly woven jam sessions on stage, yet with Devon at the helm, the group's sound has a noticeably harder edge. And if you didn't already know, Devon Allman isn't bad with a six-string in his hand.