Brother Bean

The Melbourne-based group Brother Bean recently posted a new MySpace blog called "We Have You and You Have Us," accurately depicting the communal vibe so characteristic of its live shows. That encompassing description is fitting because Brother Bean's performances are more like collective jam sessions where the energy of the band merges with the audience to create one cohesive unit. The group, which consists of Eric Flint (guitar, vocals), Russ Neidhardt (bass, vocals), and Pat Livezey (drums), has a way of mesmerizing its audience with trippy, soulful music and genre-blurring fusion. Significant is the fact that there are only three members to get it all done, but that may be the key to their precise sound and unhindered musicality. Although all Brother Bean songs stand as uniquely solid tunes, together they represent a band chock-full of range and musical prowess. Captivating mellow stylings like those featured on "Auntie Em" show off the band's capricious nature, while the heavy instrumentals on "Von Boyage" give off Floydesque meanderings. The band has a wide array of techniques and a flair for eclectic arrangements, making its onstage improvisation a crowd-rousing experience.