Geronimo's | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

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3528 S. University Dr.



It's not uncommon to find Geronimo's packed at the end of the workweek. You'll find the same crowd during happy hour as you'll find stumbling out at 2 in the morning. Geronimo's is one of those rare neighborhood bars whose regulars aren't crusty, chain-smoking curmudgeons. Young professionals and younger college students from nearby Nova, BCC, and ITT arrive in small groups and almost simultaneously let loose a sigh of relief. Our job is done. For now, anyway. The chatter begins, and within 15 minutes, we're all friends, toasting, cheering, laughing at our — I mean — their bosses. Mmm, ye-ah. No need to worry about the TPS reports. Not until Monday. In the meantime, Geronimo's has 16 beers on tap, waiting. The music is loud, and if you want to make conversation, you too gotta wail. Or get really close. There are large flat-panel monitors strewn across the walls, but no one glances in their direction. They might as well be light bulbs. I did catch myself staring at the totem poles at the edge of the bar. Yes, I said totem poles. These must be a tribute to the Apache leader who protected his people's land from the greasy paws of the Man. Cheers to that: a raised glass of Bass Ale. One of Blue Moon. Later, a kamikaze (they're $2). Double shots are $6. And if you make it in before 7 p.m., get $2 well drinks and domestic drafts. I don't know who these people are, really. I don't know their names. All I know is, we are comrades, working for the same cause: the weekend. And now that we've made it, we celebrate with our delicious gold and amber, which flows like liquid bullion. Loverboy would be proud.