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Kenny G

With over 30 million records sold, the G-man, (and, no, we're not talking Rudy Giuliani here) is by far one of the most popular, and simultaneously most hated, men in jazz. Hell, even calling what he does jazz is a stretch. His degree was in business, and his skill with contracts achieved such coups as his duet to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" — sacrilege to those who ignore how crappy the original strings are. And he certainly knows niche marketing. But his greatest breakthrough has been in brain chemistry, where he's discovered neurons that, when stimulated by his unnaturally pretty soprano sax, cause some people intense pain and others mild anesthetic pleasure. But if you're in the latter category, then Kenny G is your man. His success in the smooth jazz world is unparalleled, and he's got enough "hits" in his repertoire to making an evening with Kenny G at least somewhat enjoyable