The Baboons

If you've never heard of Miami-based music group the Baboons, they're clever enough to capture your attention before you ever listen to their music. For a group of white folks that bills itself as an Afro-Cuban funk 'n' roll band, naming themselves the Baboons was a questionable call. You can't help but wonder if they specialize in rock or racism, but that alone is worth a trip to the band's MySpace page. Once there, you'll hear a wealth of quality sounds that range from hippied-out jams to cumbia, mambo, and plenty of Afro- Cuban percussion thrown in the mix. The group hasn't played a show together since 2006, and with a few changes to the lineup and some new songs, catching them live this weekend isn't a bad idea if you're intrigued by their sound. They're playing a day-long event called Global Groove dedicated to fusing art with green initiatives. There will be tree plantings going on, recycled art shows, and plenty of other eco-friendly activities. The evening closes with the Baboons rocking out live, so come with an open mind and a willingness to get a little dirty.