Things To Do

Sips & Dips

There's a Super Target, an Office Depot, and a GameSpot. And myriad other chain stores and fast food eateries in this colossal shopping center, which anchors the flatlands that bring Cooper City, Hollywood, and Davie together. Drowning, almost entirely obscured if not for an LED text scroller making lots of visual noise, is a respectable martini bar. It's not a chain, though it appears that in the naming process there was a yearning to be as generic as the neighbors. Sips & Dips is an upscale martini lounge (the name, not so much). It has a very comfortable environment everyone here dips into the tapas and sucks down the gin/vodka tumblers with little regard for waistlines. All this while simultaneously shaking jiggly asses still stuck to their respective seats to the sound of the DJ's eclectic (if not jarring) mix of danceable pop. The bar is an aesthetic achievement: neatly stacked bottles loom high over your head in rows of dimly lit mahogany. It's like standing at the foot of an altar where the holy water is blessed by fermentation and distillation and often has a hint of olive. Be sure to get a 16-ounce tulip of Carlsberg. Monday equals mojito madness. Be a scrub Tuesday as you scrounge off free tastings from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday is ladies night: the martinis are $7, but the karaoke is free.