Palm Beach Jerk Festival

If you thought Memorial Day was all about veterans and remembering fallen soldiers from past wars, well, guess again. Up in West Palm Beach, the Jamaican community has planned a large fete this Monday dedicated specifically to good music and jerk cuisine. You can get jerk chicken, jerk pork, jerk ice cream (yes, ice cream), and a variety of other jerk-related dishes to keep your tongue nice and warm. If you're not familiar with "jerk" spices, it's essentially a spicy Jamaican style of preparing food; you should check this event out to get indoctrinated. The daylong festival is reasonably priced, and while you're between bites of jerk cuisine, there's a bunch of reggae music scheduled as well. Performances by the Fab 5 band, Frankie Paul, and everyone's favorite reggae comedian, Professor Nuts, are slated, and a few local artists may sneak on the bill as well. This event is sure to be tasty — and there's lots more to eat than just jerk food. If things get to be too hot, here's a tip: Drink milk. Water makes things worse, but a nice glass of leche will cool down your mouth lickety-split.