Asylum Street Spankers

The members of Asylum Street Spankers lay down stone-cold, earth-bound grooves as expertly as they get the old-time weed party started. And if the Austin troupe is serious (yeah, right) about the burgeoning kiddie music market — its new album, Mommy Says No!, targets fans of SpongeBob SquarePants, lunch boxes, training wheels, superfrogs, and boogers — it should probably keep its recreational usage on the DL. With honking sousaphone, quacking clarinet, highly musical saw, and the usual gaggle of gypsy fiddle, ukulele, washboard, and the prettiest toy piano ever recorded, the Asylum Street Spankers turn skewed sets of swing into sky-high swing sets — and parlor-jazz jams into Romper Room free-for-alls to end all. They've been a band for roughly 15 years, so you can anticipate more than just kiddie jams, but don't expect these awesome Texas rockers to take themselves too seriously on stage.