No Blues Drout Here

Iko-Iko is the name of a '50s pop song written by James Crawford that quickly became a folk/blues standard, covered by countless legends. It's also the fitting name of the Miami-based blues quartet founded by Graham Wood Drout, a vocalist/guitarist/percussionist who's worked with anyone from Sheryl Crow to Bruce Springsteen. In its 20-year career, Iko-Iko has made its way into films like Cape Fear and Contact as well as onto numerous television and radio programs. But Drout has kept South Florida on his mind, staying active with regular shows at various Miami venues. At times, Iko-Iko channels the gritty, dramatic sound of Howlin' Wolf but usually comes closer to an upbeat Eric Clapton or Muddy Waters. Drout's songwriting is classic blues: Women leave him, his house gets washed away in a flood, and, of course, that goddamned Devil is always chasing him around.

Iko-Iko performs at 10 p.m. every Monday at Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Call 305-374-1198, or visit