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Band of Gypsies

In the streets of Barcelona, Spain, the word barí means gem. Barí is also the name that alternative combo Ojos de Brujo ("Eyes of the Wizard") gave to its second album before critics all over Europe began using the same word to describe the songs on it. Shiny and pure like a gemstone, Barí combines passionate flamenco guitars and cantes over hip-hop's funky beats. Since the album's 2004 release, the nine-member group has evolved into an international phenomenon, blowing up at this year's South by Southwest festival and igniting crowds from London to Japan. Ojos has also evolved the descriptor it gives to its sound. Jip-jop flamenkillo is a term that better evokes the music's modernized traditionalism and border-crossing appeal. The band makes a stop in Miami this week for the second time in two years; on its next pass, it'll probably have another word and an even deeper grasp of its ever-shifting style.

Ojos de Brujo plays as part of the Rhythm Foundation's Fjavascript:passCharacter('234')te de la Musique, from 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, at Brickell Village, South Miami Avenue at Tenth Street, Miami. The show is free. Call 305-672-5202.