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What About Bob?

Come on, say it. Let us all know how ignorant you are, thinking that Bob Saget actually resembles the squeaky-clean persona we remember from Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos. Those of us with a clue already know that Saget's standup act is a bit of a shocker to the goody two-shoes crowd -- almost as staggering as his cameo in the 1998 stoner film Half Baked, which put to bed the myth of his nicey-nice image in just one sentence: "I used to suck dick for coke."

Welcome to the world of showbiz. Just as Johnny Depp's stint on 21 Jump Street earned him a false pretty-boy image, Saget's time on TV, while good for his wallet, rendered his comic credibility virtually null and void. Of course, if Saget had been in charge of things, Full House probably would've been more like Animal House.

So did Danny Tanner turn Danny Bonaduce? Not exactly; Saget has been doing standup comedy for three decades, and his act is as adult-oriented as ever. Saget's material draws from his personal experiences as a divorcé and single father. Whereas he used to look into the camera and talk to his wife in a cute, "aw shucks" manner, now Saget looks out at the audience and talks about his wife in a way that's more about, well... you know what rhymes with shucks. But if you think Saget is somehow embarrassed by his past, you'll be surprised (and wholly amused) to hear him crack some Full House jokes. And he has heard them all.

But don't take it from us; there's a far more dedicated source spreading the gospel according to Bob. Sure enough, some incredibly bored soul created BobSagetisGod.com, which appears to be less of a joke than one would hope. From its bible: "Bob said, 'Let there be laughter,' and there was laughter." Yep -- and lots of confused Full House fans.