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Go Ahead, Inhale

Warning: This week, a convoy of vans is expected to pull up to the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach. When the doors open, an extremely potent, laid-back vibe will waft through the city. If inhaled, this substance may trigger an urge to quit work, grab your guitar and your camera, and head directly for the beach. Authorities call this epidemic "job envy," and it can be attributed to the gentlemen who tumble out of the vans: pro surfers Dan Malloy, CJ Nelson, and Devon Howard; pro skater/musician Ray Barbee; film director Thomas Campbell; and some dude named Moose.

These invaders are with the Moonshine Conspiracy, a California-based collective of really tan people who are trying to make a living by playing instruments, skateboarding, surfing, and making movies. So far, so totally freakin' brilliant. TMC's most famous member, Jack Johnson, started out making surf movies, then launched a music career and a record label. Dan Malloy no longer has to bother surfing on the competition circuit; he just free-surfs for films. And Moose? He suckered somebody at Moonshine into giving him a fancy title: "Director of Sales and Operations."

The chill entourage is in town to show Campbell's latest movie, Sprout. Like all TMC projects, it was shot in 16mm format, with Bolex cameras from the 1960s. The free-flowing film features a huge assortment of surfers -- including Joel Tudor, Kelly Slater, and Rob Machado -- riding longboards, shortboards, and bodyboards and basically digging life. Before the movie, Barbee will play some jams, Campbell will talk about filmmaking, and the guys will raffle off prizes from their sponsor, Converse. Don't bother bringing a résumé; they don't need any assistants. We already asked. -- Deirdra Funcheon