Beat Street

Breakin' into Summer Bikinis, beer, and breakbeats -- together at last! Once upon a time, Fort Lauderdale was the spring break capital of the world. Before local politicos decided to discourage Bacchanalian behavior on the beach, the city was (in)famous for drunken coeds, wet T-shirts, and cheesy frat rock. Well, not much has changed, but this Friday at Bikini Bob's, you can relive those wild and crazy days with a much-improved soundtrack. Ringmaster Productions hosts "Breakin' into Summer," a breakbeat extravaganza featuring sets by DJs Eclipse, Dagger vs. Shockwave, Barry Bennett, Big Boy, Animay, and more. In addition to the obligatory $100 bikini contest, there is a live performance by Inner Realm. A beach bar near the corner of A1A and Sunrise Boulevard may seem an unlikely venue for showcasing electronica, but that just proves you don¹t need a velvet rope to party. A diamond thong, maybe. Just be careful whom you talk about "wax" with. -- John Landers

Check out Breakin' into Summer at 10 p.m. Friday, July 23, at Bikini Bob's, 900 Sunrise Ln., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $5 for 18- to 20-year-olds; 21 and older are free. Call 954-567-2955.