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Bill Cruz

Like a mixture of Postal Service and Iron and Wine, singer/songwriter Bill Cruz pens quiet, acoustic ballads that have an electronic kink in them. It's rustic music with a coffee buzz. A close listen to the lyrics, however, reveals Cruz has a real soft spot for the Man Upstairs. The opening track, "When Columbus Got to Heaven," spins a fantastical conversation, la Sam Beam, between Chris C. and Jesus back in the day. Another tune, "1969," offers this line: "And it's like Jesus said/There's always someone who wants to kick you out of bed/I told you once, and I will tell you again/It's something 'bout gold and silver/Sun and rainstorms." That line reverberates with so much sunshine-and-kittens positivity, you want to wretch. Or you may see the day anew -- the colors brighter, the air sweeter. Either way, the music is pastoral, pretty, and perfect for the days when you just want to lie around and play Xbox and wonder when the Big Guy is going to make you get out of bed. -- Audra Schroeder