Harry Connick Jr.

Hey, fellas -- haven't gotten laid in a while? Is the lady in your life giving you the cold shoulder? Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of tickets to the Harry Connick Jr. concert. Word on the street is that the velvety voice and jazzy ivory tickling of Mr. Connick are powerful enough to make even the most frozen female libido melt into a shimmering pool of estrogen. He's more palatable than Michael Bolton but not so loud as to make your ears ring for the meeting with your broker tomorrow. It's fun for the family too. Connick serenades you and yours with standards you've grown to tolerate. "Sweet Georgia Brown"? Check. "Save the Last Dance"? That too. And with Hank on tour, you can rest assured he won't be doing any cameos on your favorite sitcoms. That's worth the ticket price alone. Spring for dinner at Mizner beforehand and maybe you'll seal the deal. -- Maggie-Margret