The Wildhearts

Hair metal is an addiction for some; the spandex, the teased 'dos, the bulge-accentuating pants, and total gender abandonment are a fix. Unfortunately, there are no self-help books for this problem. There are no formal group therapy sessions to attend for this obsession. There is no place to go and "dry out," like the rest of the population with nasty vices. You will always be addicted, stuck in the decade of excess like a spider stuck to a mirror after being sprayed with Aqua Net.

But hey. Maybe that's not a bad thing.

The Wildhearts, a U.K. four-piece that has been playing in various incarnations since the late '80s, sounds like it should be a hair metal band, what with the catchy choruses and crunchy guitar solos. While the band doesn't sport zebra-print unitards (like, say, their tour mates), the Wildhearts still scream in the face of all the soft rock Top 40 hoo-ha. The band's latest CD, The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed, is 11 tracks of pure rock 'n' roll that smells more of leather and whiskey than hair spray. And the track "Get Your Groove On" is pure Motörhead snorting Pixy Stix. Go and get your fix. -- Audra Schroeder