Say It Loud

Juan Montoya, guitarist for the heavy metal assassins known as Pandabite, answers the question: "I like Men at Work. And I really liked that Musical Youth song 'Pass the Dutchie.' It always reminds me of going to the state fair -- the way the music falls, it reminds me of a Ferris wheel. It's very hippie-ish. Oh, and I love the Carpenters and that Wang Chung song 'Dance Hall Days.' It's easy, pseudosophisticated stuff that reminds me of riding around in my mom's Datsun."

Then Montoya also reveals his softer side: "I was working at the state fair in '87, and this girl would always buy cotton candy from me. As she walked away one day, one of the carnies whistled, and she thought it was me. So she came back the next day while I was on my break and asked me out, and Debbie Gibson's 'Only in My Dreams' was playing. I really love that song."

Cheers, Juan. You're not alone.