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Calliope Fest

Billed as a celebration of women in music, Calliope Fest features an assortment of female performers, nearly all of whom fall into the singer/songwriter, "I'm a gal with a guitar and something to say" category that has become oh so popular since the rise of antifolk in the 1980s. Thirteen entertainers will take the main stage, and a similarly sizable number of chanteuses will play on the acoustic stage. Headlining Saturday is Michelle Shocked, a woman who, despite often being seen as a prototype for Ani DiFranco and other punk folksters, has managed to defy categorization. From folk to swing to blues to gospel and most recently to dub, each of Shocked's albums has lived up to its artist's name; one can never be sure where she'll go next. Headlining on Sunday will be Beth Hart, fresh from a stint as the Singing Janis in the hit off-Broadway show Love, Janis.