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Critic's Pick

Don't look around this summer for our local little lovely lads of Stuck on Evil, featuring former Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky. After this week's bon-voyage show at the Metal Factory, they make an enthusiastic little seven-week traipse through the verdant countryside. "Forty-four shows," worries singer J.C. Reilly. "We're gonna be total toast." But they'll bring the good people of the mainland the sort of hometown horrorshow on which we've cut our teeth -- or at least our little brothers. The appearances will be billed as "Stuck on Evil featuring Daisy Berkowitz," a necessary, um, evil both Reilly and Putesky say they can live with. It seems a small price to pay for spreading the band's gospel, which is amply cataloged on the band's upcoming debut, Suntanic.