Big Bang Radio

This might take some strain, considering the Twitter-fueled micro-attention-span of early 2k9, but think hard back to 2007. Did you watch a lot of music-themed reality TV? If so, you may remember a Fuse program centered on the Bodog-sponsored national Battle of the Bands. It set some 16 bands into a grueling live-performance competition with the prize a $1 million recording contract from Bodog music. One of the early frontrunners was West Palm Beach's own Big Bang Radio (although back then, they claimed they were repping Miami). They impressed judges (including Johnny Rotten!) for boasting big, radio-ready active-rock-type riffs combined with hummable melodies.

It could have been Big Bang Radio's big break, but the stress of the show led to some serious internal strife. Eventually the band fired then-singer Francisco Del, on-air, leading to tears from Del and the band's outright disqualification from the show. Even though it had a replacement, Mike Sanchez, in the wings, contest rules stated a band couldn't change its lineup midway.

Still, the band has soldiered on since then, playing the local circuit around South Florida with a tireless frequency. Lineup troubles have still plagued the act, though — eventually Sanchez left the band, and they've now got Angela Peel providing the pipes. Switching to a female-fronted kind of thing has benefited the band's music. Peel is fierce and helps Big Bang Radio stand out from the rest of the hard-rock crowd.