Jacob Jeffries Band

Listening to the music of the Jacob Jeffries Band is better than any antidepressant you can imagine. The talented foursome is one of my favorite local bands right now, as their songs and stage presence manage to keep everyone at their shows in a good mood. How do they do it? Maybe it's Jacob's knack for coming off as the kid brother you always wanted or drummer Josh "Papa Bear" Connolly's wide grin in between songs. Whatever it is, they're hard not to root for. This week, Jacob and the gang are having a CD-release party. In a push to build anticipation for the group's full-length album, due out at the end of the year, Jacob is releasing a series of EPs to tide over his fans. It's a good strategy, and the latest six-track disc in the series, Wonderful, is even better than the first, Life as an Extra, which I didn't think was possible. It's full of cheerful tunes, killer songwriting prowess, and strong instrumentation from some of the best studio musicians in South Florida. And that's why the CD-release party this week is so important. Because regardless of who's on stage (or in the studio) playing with Jacob, what matters most is that we're all witnessing a star on the rise.