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Count Your Blessings

Despite the best efforts of bands like Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, and Sum 41 to kill it, pop-punk is not dead. Proof-positive is Maryland-based Count Your Blessings, currently headlining the "Hip Shakers and Trouble Makers" tour, set to touch down at the Talent Farm on Sunday. Count Your Blessings is cut from the same cloth as the aforementioned pop-punk bands: The band writes simple, catchy songs laced with radio-friendly hooks and lyrics you might find in middle-school notebooks. Honor Bright is joining forces to keep the power chords flowing but this time with more gang vocals. And if you need a little emo to go with your pop rocks, Stages and Stereos will certainly blast out the cutesy/angsty love songs and probably show off their perfectly coifed hair. The real reason to check out this show is Miami locals Space Station 5. SS5 is way more Screeching Weasel than Blink 182; it's gritty, lo-fi, DIY, and silly, all wrapped into one refreshing set. As always, if you can't hang with the young'uns, the Talent Farm will stream the show live on its website.