All Grown Up

Detroit is notorious for spawning some of the world's definitive wonders: Motown, Devil's Night, Madonna, Eminem, and, lately, minimalist techno. But ADULT., the nervous trio of Nicola Kuperus, Adam Lee Miller, and newly inducted Sam Consiglio, may be among the most chilling and thrilling of them all. Tingling spines since 1997, their dark, lo-fi antics pick up where Gary Numan was getting started. Each record is tinged with digital menace, longing, and wry cynical barbs aimed at turn-of-this-century consumer culture. Best of all, ADULT. composes anxiety you can dance to. The newly released Gimmie Trouble plays the no-wave card, shunning techno's flashy proclivities to focus on only essential bass-and-beat elements. And holding it just barely together is singer Kuperus — part Nina Hagen, part Blade Runner cyborg — as the band's prophet of paranoia. Vulnerable and fierce, dated and fresh, ADULT., as they remind us, could only be "straight outta Michigan."

ADULT. plays at 10 p.m. Thursday, December 1, at SoHo Lounge, 175-193 NE 36th St., Miami. Call 305-576-1988.