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Locals #2

While Whitman could sing the body electric, Vincent Lardieri composes its score. What the poet did in free verse, the painter accomplishes in abstract paintings. Acknowledging the music within his work, Lardieri refers to his own work as "staccato," since the thick applications of acrylic paint and polymer are cut into rhythms. These evoke patterns like those the body produces on EKGs and polygraphs. Although all works use texture similarly (though with different rhythms), the relationships among the colors distinguishes them. That's what separates The Deep Violet Purples of Passion, Validation, and Resurrection, exploring variations within a "family" of color, from Dreams of Bubble Gum, Taffy, and a Future Always Young, created of color opposites, in this case pinkish-reds and turquoises. The artist's works are featured alongside those of Troy Seurer, whose oil paintings and pencil drawings are also body studies but in the more traditional sense. Sometimes, the bodies are animated; Jack Dempsey depicts the fighter with his gloves up and ready to strike. In other instances, the body is in repose; Toes Up depicts a fighter after a knockout. Those works show a fascination with the Depression era, which is reflected in the paintings' sepia tones and in drawings done of mug shots taken in that period. Both Palm Beach County artists are featured in the same exhibit, "Locals #2," an apt title for a labor union such as theirs. (Through November 26 at Meyerhoefer Gallery, 608 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth. Call 561-533-5332.)