Vince Neil

So tonight, everything is as it should be. Vince Neil, the name that could be responsible for breathing permanent life into West Palm Beach's nightlife, is here to do exactly that. Sure, the bar that he co-owns, Dr. Feelgood's, is successful thus far and already has a consistent turnout most weekends. But the only reason most of those patrons are there is because they're half hoping to run into Neil himself. If that describes you, then hope no more. Not only will folks who hit Dr. Feelgood's this Thursday get to see Neil pal around — with a few rock celebs no doubt — they'll also get to watch him perform a concert for free. It's really the only way to enjoy the full Dr. Feelgood's experience. So if you want to hear some genuine '80s rock from one of the best to ever record it, hit Clematis Street this Thursday and follow the trail of dolled up MILFs. If there's one thing Neil is sure to attract, it's lots of girls, girls, girls.