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Gotta Lovett

Singer, songwriter, film actor, and big band leader (or, to trade on the name of one of his more steadfast ensembles, "Large Band" leader) Lyle Lovett found his ill-fated marriage to actress Julia Roberts and a piled-high pompadour earning him more tabloid time than any amount of accolades accorded his craft. However, given that the press carried over to the mainstream marketplace, there was some positive afterglow left over from time spent in the celebrity spotlight. That's been especially helpful to this eclectic artist, who's never been content to simply settle on any one musical style or to coast on past successes. Indeed, over the course of his two-decade, Grammy-strewn career, Lovett has successfully melded blues, brass, country, and contemporary. His latest effort, 2003's My Baby Don't Tolerate, found him emphasizing those idioms that have become his latest stock in trade -- Western swing, trad jazz, forlorn ballads, and more than a hint of gospel. Low-key and unassuming, Lyle's style speaks for itself.

Lyle Lovett performs at 7:30 Sunday, July 31, at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, 1806 NE Sixth St., Pompano Beach. Tickets cost $35 and $45. Call 954-946-2402.